Kerala: The Green Symphony, an interactive CD ROM on Kerala, India
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Interactive CD ROM on Kerala, India

Dr. Sarah Caldwell
Department of Religious Studies, California State University, Chico, USA

"Green Symphony is one of the most beautiful, technically up-to-the moment CD-ROM’s I have seen. From the moment you enter the exquisite first screen, enchanted by a Mohiniattam dancer’s gracious movements, through the mysterious doors of the nalukettu’s five "rooms" till you are cordially escorted out of your tour by the friendly narrator, you will find a treasure-trove of audio-video resources to enhance your understanding of Kerala’s rich and fascinating culture. I will definitely use this product in my teaching on South Asian culture, and enjoy it for years to come."

Detlef Beyer
Medienkonzepte & Realisation GmbH, Cologne, Germany

"The "Green Symphony" is a beautiful journey through this lovely part of India. The quality of the photographs, text and video is outstanding and everything fits together through a simple to use interface. The programmers have built a professional and truely interactive CD-ROM."

William Masters
Associate Professor, Purdue University, USA

"Kerala - The Green Symphony is an amazing product. An hour with this CD-ROM will make you feel that you have actually been to that wonderful region, and such a good time that you want to go back. Students, casual library users, and potential travelers to India will all appreciate the depth and quality of its production, bringing Kerala to life through clever use of Quick Time video, animation and interactivity."

Teresa Cannon and Peter Davis
Writers and photographers, Airavata Press, POBox 204 Ferntree Gully, Victoria Australia

"Green Symphony is a highly professional production that portrays the richness and beauty of Kerala. It is informative and at the same time, entertaining. Above all it is user friendly, enabling the viewer to easily navigate through the wonders of Kerala."

Bloch Nadine,
Travel Writer, Switzerland

"I have viewed it carefully. It is very well done and gives an excellent overall picture of the Kerala State. Beautiful colours .. it makes us nostalgic ...We would like to be there again, and soon!"

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