Kerala: The Green Symphony, an interactive CD ROM on Kerala, India
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Interactive CD ROM on Kerala, India

History :
Take a trip down memory lane into Kerala’s exotic past! Read through our collection of fascinating legends, myths and folk tales! Read More>>

Land and People :
Who are the people living in this paradise on earth? What is the land they live in? Take a tour through their lifestyle , geographic ,demographic and social patterns. Read More>>

Heritage :
Heritage’ takes you on a magical tour of Kerala pulsating with the rhythms of rich culture and tradition. Read More>>

Places of Interest :
Tour the most interesting places in each of Kerala’s districts. Each place has a distinctive flavour of its own. Be it sunny beaches, stately monuments or sacred temples, they are all here. Read More>>

Infrastructure :
The presence of many modern amenities will ensure a comfortable stay for you at these tranquil shores. Kerala’s modern infrastructure is in tune with her traditions and culture. Read More>>

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